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Using a 100 year old technique perfected by ancient European artisans, we offer traditional art and modern concepts in light weight fireplace mantels that can be installed with great ease. We provide services for both commercial and residential customers. There is no job too easy or too hard for us. LA PRECAST MANTELS has completed major projects in Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank, Malibu, San Diego, San Marino, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Beverly Glen, and other major metropolitan cities around California. We also accept orders nationwide and ship our products across continental USA. Since 2000, we have specialized in custom architectural stones, precast and GFRC products. We have dozens of precast mantels and precast fireplace designs for our customers. In addition to the existing designs, we are also capable of customizing new precast fireplace designs. Our showroom in Glendale, California, has several precast textures and colors you can choose for your precast fireplace.

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At LA PRECAST MANTELS we are committed to providing you with optimum quality GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) fireplace surrounds. The fireplace surround or mantelpiece, also known as a chimneypiece, originated in medieval times as a hood that projected over a fire grate to catch the smoke. The term has evolved to include the decorative framework around the fireplace, and can include elaborate designs extending to the ceiling. Mantelpiece is now the general term for the jambs, mantel shelf, surround and external accessories of a fireplace. For many centuries, the chimneypiece was the most ornamental and most artistic feature of a room.

When it comes to the anatomy of a fireplace, you can imagine there are several fireplace terms used to describe all of the different components. As you’re shopping for a fireplace, or mantel shelf, or hearth – you may need to know what many of these terms are actually referring to.

SURROUND – Commonly confused for one another, the fireplace surround is an informal name given to the entire assembly of elements: mantel, legs, hearth. Ultimately, the surround is what makes up all parts of a fireplace in its entirety.

A MANTEL –  spans the top of a firebox and is often supported by legs; generally the deepest and heaviest section of the fireplace. It can also be floating, supported by legs, and can appear well above the firebox opening or right in line with the opening.

LEGS –  are two vertical elements that installed at the right and left sides of the firebox and support a mantel. They attach easily to the mantel with nuts and bolts. A hearth refers to the horizontal floor area of the surround, directly in front of the firebox opening.

A HEARTH – is usually as wide as the firebox and the legs combined.

FILLER PANELS – are used to bridge the area between the firebox opening & the surround when the desired GFRC fireplace mantel is larger than the firebox.

You may choose from a combination of edge profiles and layouts, which may enhance the look of your mantel. The filler pieces are not included to a standard surround, due to the different sizes and shapes of fireboxes. We can manufacture custome size filler panels, according your firebox dimensions if needed. Just give us a call or send an email. Our GFRC surrounds will give your fire box a spectacular architectural elegance. Making your space different from any other. This adds visual appeal and function to any room in your home or business that it is installed. Our GFRC mantels are available in a great variation. Different in terms of style, sizes & designs.


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What is GFRC?

GFRC-Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete- a specialized form of concrete with many applications. It can be effectively used to create façade wall panels, fireplace surrounds, vanity tops and concrete countertops due to its unique properties and tensile strength. One of the best ways to truly understand the benefits of GFRC is to take a deeper look into this unique compound. GFRC is similar to chopped fiberglass (the kind used to form boat hulls and other complex three-dimensional shapes), although much weaker. It’s made by combining a mixture of fine sand, cement, polymer (usually an acrylic polymer), water, other admixtures and alkali-resistant (AR) glass fibers.


LA PRECAST MANTELS focuses on function in addition to form. GFRC allows incredible design freedom with shapes and textures, and the colors of nature were abundantly available for experimentation within the concrete. GFRC is made of minerals that will not burn. In addition, the nature of the concrete is to act like a thermal regulator when exposed to flame. This means that GFRC not only will not burn, but it also protects the materials behind it from the heat of the flame. GFRC is thin, yet strong and weighs considerably less than solid concrete – about 75% to 95% less. This means there is less chance for damage and makes it easier and faster to install. The lighter weight and stronger material also save on transport costs, allows for more design freedom, and reduces the environmental impact.


GFRC lasts. It is unsusceptible to weather erosion and is more freeze-thaw resistant than conventional concrete. The use of glass fibers for reinforcement rather than steel means it cannot rust even in the harshest marine environments. In addition, the existence of glass fibers provides a crack-arresting system.  For decades, GFRC products have been used for ornamental and decorative applications, both inside and outside. Over the years, the durability and the elegance of this lightweight architectural concrete has proven to endure.


GFRC has proven to be a great alternative to natural stone and to other natural building stones because of its strength, affordability, and the infinite possibilities of design. With so many elegant textures and colors to choose from, GFRC mantels are perfect for residential and commercial spaces.

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